Aminath Mohamed Didi
Great experience overall having Shunana & Co.LLP as a legal representative. Everyone at the firm is professional, humble and knowledgeable. Their work is very efficient and they look out for your best interests. I highly recommend this firm.
Mariyam Iyaza
Shunana & team is the best law firm for commercial and corporate work. They had helped us setting our business and we have avoided many legal risks because their diligent work. Team was very responsive and protected our interests.
Ahmed Shazwin
The team provided great assistance, exhibiting expertise and personal attention to all aspects of my impending agreements and policies for the establishment of a new corporate organisation and its activities. In addition to exceeding my expectations, the team's work ethic aided me in anticipating legal concerns that a business would strain to foresee. Thank you and may God continue to bless you in your endeavors.
Suaadh Ahmed
Team of a brilliant lawyers. Many thanks for your excellent work on behalf of the society by taking pro bono cases. You are like the hero for common people like us. Always thankful for the services you provide. This world really needs more people like you to prevail justice. Wish successful years ahead.
Javed Kamal
I found Miss Shuna and her team not only working hard but also working with heart. They heal people.Β  My best wishes is always for every member of this organisation. May Allah SWT bless.
Ibrahim Adnan
I am grateful for your integrity and all the hard work you did on my behalf. I will always be thankful for all your efforts to ensure the best possible outcome for my case in the past 8 years. I can't thank you enough for the excellent work you did as my lawyer.
Munawwar Mohamed
A law firm with exceptional people. My experience with them is extremely productive.
Ahmed saeed
Very honest and hardworking team.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
Mikael Ben
The best and most accommodating law firm providing unwavering support in achieving the good. Always and fully recommended!
Adheefa Suhail
Very hardworking and Trust worthy 😊
Afshan Ahmed
Very responsive and helpful. A great team with a great mindset.
Imhimra Imhim
We have always enjoyed a very good relationship with Shunana & Co. LLP as Shunana and legal team understand our needs. They have been very helpful and prompt in respective area and in-fact work judgments were instrumental to support many aspect of the business. The lawyers are easy to deal with, professional, results are effective. We have no hesitation in recommending the firm to any entity.
Hussain Shiyam
A competent law firm with exceptional people. My experience with the firm Shunana and Co has been extremely productive and fruitful. Their understanding of the law as well as their steadfast belief in the laws function to deliver justice is a breath of fresh air. Where so many feel helpless and jaded, this firm has managed remain positive. I would recommend hiring Shunana & Co. LLP as the law firm that represents you. You will be assured that the firm will do all it can to represent you and always protect your interests. I have had many interactions with lawyers who are condescending and pompous. Shunana and Co understands that the clients aren’t well versed in law and thus patiently goes through the points on which a case or a defence is built. Finally, the firm would respond to your queries in a timely manner. This is the most endearing quality of theirs. They make it a point to return calls as well as respond to emails and texts. Good luck and hope your experience will be as positive and productive as it has been for me. Thank you
Anees Ahmed
Shuna and team went above and beyond handling our case. All documents were prepared in timely matter and everything was in order. Also we get instant updates about the case. She is very professional responsible and I would recommend her any time. Also her office team is very helpful and easily reachable. We will always appreciate the work you have done for us.
Host Maldives
Thank you Shuna for the sacrifices and hard work for each and every individual victim of Sea Life case. Amazing Team. You all fought fearless. I would highly recommend hiring Shunana & Co. LLP as a trustworthy firm that represents you. The future seems very bright. Good luck team. May ASW shower endless blessings on every obstacle and give strength to move forward. Thank you.
Rifga Ibrahim
Thank you Shunana once again for doing a great job!! Great team of lawyers!! Lawyer Shuna has handled many legal matters for me over the years and has always achieved the outcome I was looking for. I would highly recommend to any one who need legal advice.
Fathimath Suha Shareef
A wonderful team with high level of competency. Their service is high quality and fights hard for the rights of their clients. I recommend this law firm for everyone who needs it. Thank you for all you've done. May God bless your work.
Rish Naa
Thank you so much, Shuna and Team for fighting tirelessly for SeaLife victims. Without your dedication and hard work these victims would have been helpless till today. Thank you so much for delivering justice for these poor citizens. πŸ‘ πŸ‘
Shaz Shazly
They have been helping with my case in tribunal and the effort and time they are putting in this case is worth admiration. Thankyou so much for hard work done by this team.
Shanaz Dole
Shunana and her team went above and beyond to help the Sea Life victims get a solution. Even though I was not part of the court case Shunana has always been available and very helpful. I wish her team the best always
Aishath Shifa Shafeeg
Thank you so much, Shuna and Team for fighting tirelessly for the SeaLife victims. Without your dedication and hard work it would not have been possible. Wonderful Team!
Nadheema Yousuf
Shunana and her team is very hardworking and committed lawyers, wishing them more success
Mumthaz Ahmed
Thank you Shuna and team for the wonderful job done.. really appreciate πŸ™
Abdul Salam Mohamed
Shunana & Co.LLP. is very genuine provides accurate high quality service.
Aminath Zulfa
Very good and hardworking , deserves 5 stars πŸ‘
Nazima Gaseem
The quality of your service is highly professional and efficient.
Yumn Ramyz
Thank you very much for doing what you do in such a professional and expert matter - you are tops
Siraa Ahmed
Very professional, efficient and quality service
Hussain Majid
Very dedicated and honest work. Kind and helpful people. Provides free services for community related matters.
Abdulla Suneed
v helpful.And v kind law firm.most trusted law firm in maldives
Shabeen Leonhart

Very good, honest and provides professional service.

Ali Shiyaz
Thank u so much. Appreciate it a lot. Very professional, efficient and quality service.