Ms. Zeeniya is a lawyer with over 11 years of experience in the legal field. She completed her Bachelors’ degree at the Faculty of Shariah and Law attaining the top in her class in 2009. After her graduation, she immediately joined Attorney General’s Office as a Deputy State Attorney.  In 2012, she was awarded a scholarship to pursue her LLM in international maritime law at the IMO International Maritime Law Institute in Malta where she acquired it with Distinction. Currently she is filling the position of a Deputy counsel general at the Attorney General’s office of the Maldives and she is the Head of Legal Affairs Division since May 2017.

Over the years, at the AG’s office, she has gained extensive knowledge and experience both in providing legal advice and representing the State in civil matters in various Courts of Maldives including the Supreme Court. As the Head of Legal Affairs Division, her main responsibility now is advising the Government Ministries, Departments on a wide variety of legal issues, legal vetting of documents and review of contracts that are signed by the Government. Ms. Zeeniya, while working full time at AGO continued her private practice and has represented private companies and individuals at the Courts of Maldives.

Ms. Zeeniya is well equipped with necessary legal knowledge and experience which allows her to deliver insightful legal advice for her clients.

She is also a Board Member of Public Interest Law Center that provides free legal services to socially and economically marginalized groups and individuals.