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Ahmed Hayyan Rasheed completed his Bachelor of Shari’ah & Law (Honours) from Maldives National University’s Faculty of Shari’ah & Law while working with us at Shunana & Co. LLP, and has been involved in hundreds of litigation cases and transactional cases over the years. His practice areas mainly include, but is not limited to, Foreign Investments, Company Incorporation, Debt Collection Services, Property & Real Estate Transactions, Intellectual Property Law, Employment Law, Corporate & Commercial Law, as well as litigation of matters at the courts and tribunals.

Since joining Shunana & Co. LLP, Hayyan has worked on transactional works as well as high profile corporate & commercial cases against banks and consortiums, explaining complex legal issues in a clear and informative way to judges during hearings, delivering impacts that will have a positive result on the work he does, while conforming to the highest standards of legal and professional ethics. He also provides legal advice to the parent companies of some of the biggest businesses conglomerates in Maldives across multiple industries, some of which are multi-national.

In addition to having qualitative skills in litigation and research, Hayyan is equipped with the ability to solve problems and an ability to identify and understand threats that could be a problem in the future, thereby taking prevention measures which completely nullifies the origin of such problems. It also really shows his attention to detail and strategic planning abilities, which are also clear in his handling of litigation cases which had previously been with him during transactional stages as well. Hayyan is also known for his analytical skills, creativity and ability to handle confidential information.

Hayyan is also involved as a volunteer lawyer at Public Interest Law Centre (PILC) and has been involved in various aspects of PILC’s work that include being part of the team that litigated in the first ever gerrymandering lawsuit in the Maldives, data privacy case, and various victories in class action lawsuits, which also includes the largest class action employment lawsuit submitted to the Employment Tribunal. He is also part of the team of litigators involved in the some of the largest class action civil lawsuits submitted to the Civil Court, including the largest class action civil lawsuit submitted to the Civil Court.

He has also been involved in a lot of legal awareness works, including awareness sessions and traveling all over Maldives with the team of PILC conducting mobile legal aid camps, and contributing to PILC’s research and other works in various manners.

During his time in law school, he was the president of Society of Shari’ah & Law (SSL), the wing of Maldives National University Student’s Union (MNUSU) for law students. He was also an executive committee member of MNUSU, which is also the largest NGO in Maldives that has also done a lot of voluntary work for the public good, thus Hayyan still contributes to their work from time to time.