Position: Managing Partner

Ms. Shunana is a corporate lawyer skilled in both law & business that gives an added advantage in litigating and negotiating complex business transactions. Shunana graduated with a Master’s Degree in Corporate Law from the New York University and completed a Master’s Degree in Business Administration program of the University of the West of England (Bristol). She has also acquired a First Class Bachelor (Hons) of laws degree from the Maldives National University.

Shunana was the first woman to receive an award in the field of Law in Maldives. She was awarded with “Leadership Excellence in the Field of Law, Gold Category” in the Maldives Professional and Career Women Awards 2019. In 2020, Shunana was awarded National Award “Rehendhi Award” for outstanding social work (in the field of law).

Shunana has secured numerous precedent-setting victories and has successfully secured a settlement in the largest class action lawsuit submitted at a Maldivian Courts. She litigated & won one of largest commercial claim against the Government of Maldives. She has also litigated as lead counsel in the most notable public interest lawsuits submitted at the Maldivian courts which includes the first gerrymandering lawsuit, largest class action employment dispute submitted at employment tribunal. Shunana is the founder of Public Interest Law Centre that provides pro bono services to socially and economically marginalized groups and individuals, work on various policy law reform and lobbying projects, and advocate for civil rights cause through social activism.

Shunana has years of legal experience and has represented both the Government of the Maldives, Government companies, and major private corporations including foreign investment companies, and individuals in complex commercial litigation in the courts of the Maldives. Shunana has assisted many foreign clients in setting up their foreign investment companies, including the setting up of luxury resort hotels and real estate businesses.

Prior to founding Shunana and Co.LLP, Shunana worked at the Attorney General’s Office for ten years.  As a senior attorney at the Attorney General’s office, she has also litigated on behalf of the Government in numerous constitutional, commercial and civil cases lodged by and against Government ministries and departments in the Supreme Court, the High Court and the Civil Court of Maldives. She was also involved in international arbitration proceedings against the Government of the Maldives. Shunana had also provided legal opinions to Government Ministries and departments on contracts, international conventions and bilateral and multilateral agreements signed by the Government. She also provided legal opinions on bills passed by the Parliament before ratification by the President and reviewed draft laws and regulations.