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An opportunity to lease an island in Maldives and have your own resort

The Government of the Republic of Maldives has announced a public tender for the lease, development, operation and management of tourist resorts in the various uninhabited islands of Maldives – and we believe we can assist you win your bid for one of those islands.

Proving the Ownership of Property: A Landmark Case in Maldivian Law

A contract between parties that does not have any illegal clause, is often considered as a binding agreement between the parties involved. At least, that is the gist of it. However, it is sometimes more complicated than it seems. Afterall, there is a reason why lawyers so often answer questions with the words “it depends”.


“Cross-examination is the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of truth. You can do anything with a bayonet except sit on it. A lawyer can do anything with cross-examination if he is skillful enough not to impale his own cause upon it”. – John Henry Wigmore –

Legal Risks for Businesses: Basic Legal Issues Every Entrepreneur Must Know

The risk of non-compliance with law may result in businesses being sued, fined, or even facing criminal liabilities. It is therefore important to be in compliance with the law in all aspects of your business. Here are four legal issues to get you started: